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RPCS is founded and run by Dr. Akilah Reynolds (pronouns: she/her/hers) a licensed psychologist in California with close to ten years of clinical experience.  She has research and clinical interests in the intersection of media, psychology, and culture. She is passionate about applying psychology to the real world and using it to solve everyday problems.


Dr. Reynolds specializes in providing culturally responsive, trauma informed care. She espouses an integrative approach to therapy using evidence based practices (e.g., CBT, DBT) to process emotional distress, change thinking patterns, and build coping skills. She uses this process to support positive well-being among clients and encourage them to become who they have always wanted to be. 


Dr. Reynolds consults with organizations and leads workshops on topics related to mental health, wellness, healthy relationships, culture, diversity, identity development, and future planning. Her current research is on strength, resilience, and mental health among Black women. She is co-founder of SBW Wellness, LLC, a holistic approach to wellness that is attentive to the needs of Black women. 


Meet Dr. Reynolds

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RPCS offers individual and group therapy to adults. Issues include: depression, anxiety, trauma, stress-management (e.g., school, work stress/burnout), life transitions (e.g., move, new job), parenting, relationship and family issues, racial and historical trauma, gendered-racism, power and gender based violence, LGBT and women’s issues.

RPCS offers psychological testing for children and adults to diagnosis  mental health disorders (e.g., depression anxiety), ADHD, and developmental disabilities (e.g., Intellectual Disability). Provide treatment recommendations.

RPCS offers consulting services to schools, business, community and faith based organizations. Training, workshops, and curriculum development include mental health wellness, implicit bias, microaggressions, dating and healthy relationships, sexual health and development, identity and future planning. 


Culture & Diversity
Possible Selves

Trained in child psychology, RPCS specializes in parenting coaching and education. Helping parents address important life issues to build strong relationships with the children, increase their life satisfaction, and promote positive well-being.

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RPCS specializes in diversity and inclusion. Therapeutically, RPCS is attentive to cultural factors that impact psychological well-being and approaches treatment with cultural humility. RPCS consults with organizations and companies providing training on implicit bias and microaggressions. 

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Using research based strategies, RPCS helps clients identify and pursue pathways to becoming their possible selves - thoughts and images of who they can become in the future. 

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