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Our Approach

RPCS believes that psychology can help everyone, but it will only help those who put in the work. Behavior change requires you to actively take part in identifying areas of need and take steps to address these areas. You are the the author of your own book. RPCS acts as editor, helping you to write the next chapters to align with the vision you have for yourself using the RPS process that we like to call Reflect. Learn. Grow.

Reflect: RPCS helps you reflect on your past history and presenting concerns. We help you make meaning of what's happened in your life - exciting and hopeful moments, and also traumatic and stressful events are processed too. We challenge negative thinking and identify positive and realistic thoughts that can help you move toward healthy and holistic living.


Learn: Through thought challenging and emotional processing, you learn how to edit your own thoughts so you can continue the therapeutic work on your own. This active learning process helps you identify goals for your life and develop a toolkit of self care activities, coping strategies, and problem solving skills that help you meet your goals.


Grow: Using your time with us as a space to sharpen your tools, in between sessions you try these new skills in your everyday life. With practice you start to build new habits that lead to personal growth and development, and increase your psychological well-being. 

Each person has their own unique pathway to living the life of their dreams. It would be an honor for us to journey with you through the RPCS process: Reflect. Learn. Grow. to help you become the person you have always imagined. 

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