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Our Approach

  • Do you appear to have it all together but inside feel stressed or sad?

  • Do you have a full life but, feel empty inside?

  • Is fear holding you back from pursuing your dreams or reaching your goals?

  • Do you take care of everyone and everything but don't have enough time to take care of yourself?

  • Do you yearn for love or close friendships but struggle with loneliness or painful relationships?

  • Are you feeling stuck because of something or someone that hurt you?

I know how you feel. As a psychologist I don’t just share psychology principles I live them. I spent a long time trying to look for happiness on the outside. I went from being a small city girl who was socially anxious to a big city woman burdened with stress of modern living. What I really needed was an internal transformation. 


Over the last decade I’ve committed my personal and professional life to educating myself and practicing skills to build emotional wellness.  Now, I am able to command a stage and am actively working towards living a life that I have always imagined. This transformation was possible by attending to my mind, body, and spirit. If I can do it, you can too. 

Make the first step towards the life of your dreams. RPS tailors psychology principles and strategies that can meet your needs - right where you are. Everyone has possible selves - thoughts and visions of who they can become in the future. By attending to your mental health you can transform into these possibilities. RPS is here to help. 

RPS specializes in using psychology to improve the lives of professional women, parents, and youth organizations. For professional women and parents struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship problems or other issues, we provide evidenced based therapy (e.g., CBT, DBT) to promote mental wellness and life balance. Therapy and parenting coaching/workshops are offered for parents of any gender to support a healthy balance of your parenting roles with other important roles you have (e.g., work, spouse). Workshops and coaching is offered to youth programs and professional organizations that support women's and youth emotional development. You will meet with a psychology specialist who will assess your individual situation and collaborate with you to determine what type of services will best meet your needs and help  you to live your best life. 

- Dr. Reynolds

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