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Individual  & Group Therapy

RPCS offers the following services:

Therapy may address a variety of mental health and psychological topics including: depression, anxiety, trauma, stress-management (e.g., school and work stress/burnout), life transitions (e.g., move, new job), parenting, relationship and family issues, racial and historical trauma,  gendered-racism, power and gender based violence, LGBT and women’s issues.

Individual therapy typically last 45 minutes per session, often 1 time per week, but sometimes more or less depending on your needs and as discussed with your therapist. 

Group therapy is typically time limited, lasting for 6 to 8 sessions (meet 1 time per week for 50 minutes). Groups consist of 5-8 members who meet about a specific psychology or mental health topic (e.g., depression, anxiety).

Therapy is an empathetic and collaborative collaborative process,  provided in a safe and brave space for clients to address psychological and environmental distress. Research and theory based interventions are used to meet the unique socio-cultural needs of each client. Together, clients work with a therapist to co-create a narrative and develop coping strategies that address mental health symptoms and help each person fulfill their potential and maximize their well-being.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing offers valuable insight into a person's psychological profile. Psychological testing is used for diagnosis of mental health, developmental, and academic issues, and provide treatment recommendations. Cognitive, achievement, and personality testing is completed to diagnosis mental health disorders (e.g., depression anxiety, PTSD), learning issues, ADHD, developmental disabilities (Intellectual disability, Autism).

RPCS also offers assessment of personal strengths, weaknesses, and interests to support future and career planning. 

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Parent Coaching and Education

Coaching and education for parents is offered to support their children's healthy psychological development. Educational works and webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions available.  

Topics include:

  • Positive parenting strategies

  • Building close relationships with your children

  • Supporting your child with developmental disabilities (i.e., ADHD, Autism)

  • Supporting your child's mental health (e.g., depression, anxiey)

  • Building your child's emotional well being and communication skills 

Psychological and educational consultations, workshops, and training are offered to schools, businesses, community and faith based organizations.

Topics include:

  • Mental health wellness (e.g. depression, anxiety, trauma)

  • Culture and diversity 

    • Implicit bias

    • Historical trauma

    • Microaggressions

    • Intersection of psychology and spirituality/faith

  • Trauma and resilience

  • Dating and healthy relationships

  • Sexual health, development, and sex positivity

  • Identity development and future planning. 

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