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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Supporting the Movement for Black Lives

The past few weeks have been filled with support for Black lives and racial injustice. There are many ways to participate in this movement. Some are protesting. Some are creating awareness. Some are educating. Some are choosing to spend their money in Black owned establishments. Whatever your role the most important thing is to choose.

There has been a lot of information passes around the Internet, but it can often feel like information overload. I've compiled a list of resources for this fight for racial justice in America.


This video provides some historical information on the economic impact of racism in this country and its connection to looting.

This website provides information regarding a two point plan - one solution for addressing racial inequality and progress - mainly economic viability of the Black community.

The Ally Collection a resource for being an ally

A lift of Do's and Don'ts for How to Ally

Mental Health

This website shares information about Black Life Matters: Anti-Racism Resources for Social Workers and Therapists

44 Black Mental Heath Support Resources for anyone who needs them to survive in this country right now


This is a list of books to educate yourself about anti-racism according to Black women.

10 Books to Read about Race Instead of Asking a Person of Color

Book entitled White Fragility Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Race

Take Action

75 Ways You Can Help in the Black Lives Matter Movement and racial justice

This link is to Black Lives Matter Liberation Resources

Defund 12 A national list of local government officials with an email script to reallocate resources to social services and other community needs

Justice in June a resource providing a starting place for individual truing to become better allies.

Buying Black Owned

One of the most detrimental effects of racism is economic. From this country's founding racism and economic disenfranchisement were linked as slave holders benefited from the free labor of the enslaved. Benefits that have only multiplied with each generation. Buying from Black-owned establishments help circulate money within the Black community and is an important way of addressing the racial economic gap.

Gas Stations

List of Black owned gas stations in U.S.


Lowes Home Improvement store (Black CEO)

Book Stores



Southern Girls Bakery in Los Angeles


I Am Apparel for history and education about heroes, revolutionaries, and their untold stories

Business Support, Venture Capitalists, and Investors





Black Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs Directories

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