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Our Approach

Psychology can help everyone, but it will only help those who put in the work. Behavior change requires your active participation.


RPS uses the most recent psychology research and innovative strategies to improve your life so you feel better equipped to reach your goals. These evidenced based approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy,  and Mindfulness which help you: 

Reflect: on your past history and presenting concerns. RPS helps you make meaning of what's happened in your life by processing your feelings, noting negative thinking, and identify unhealthy behavior patterns.

Learn: how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected. RPS helps you develop a toolkit of self care activities, coping strategies, and problem solving skills to meet your goals.

Grow: by trying these new skills in between sessions and using your time in session to identify methods for improvement. With continued practice you build new habits that lead to personal growth and healthy living. 

Everyone has thoughts and visions of who they can become in the future. By attending to your mental wellness you can transform into these possibilities. It would be an honor for RPS to join your journey becoming the person you have always imagined. 

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