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Our Approach

  • Do you appear to have it all together but inside feel stressed or sad? This may actually be depression or anxiety.

  • Do you have a full life but, feel empty inside? Depression can steal the joy from your life, even if you're successful. 

  • Is fear holding you back from pursuing your dreams or reaching your goals? Social anxiety, self-esteem, or family patterns may be at play.  

  • Do you take care of everyone and everything but don't have enough time to take care of yourself? Superwoman complex, family expectations, parenting, and societal messages may encourage unhealthy ideals that you can be everything to everybody all at once. 

  • Do you yearn for love or close friendships but struggle with loneliness or painful relationships? Maybe it's depression, anxiety,  a recent break up or relationship loss. 

  • Are you feeling stuck because of something or someone that hurt you? Trauma and unhealed hurt can keep you from joyful and peaceful living. 

Your mental health has an impact on the life you live. Depression, anxiety, stress, break ups, and other emotional concerns are common issues that can reduce your work productivity, lead to conflict or distant relationships, and dampen your overall well-being. You might be used to pushing through but it eventually it may feel heavier and more difficult to ignore. Gone unchecked - our mental health can keep us from living our best life but, it doesn't have to.


RPS uses proven psychology research and strategies to improve the lives of modern people so you feel better and reach the life goals you've always imagined.

  • Therapy: For clients with anxiety, depression, relationship problems or other issues, we provide evidenced based therapy (e.g., CBT, DBT) to promote mental wellness and life balance.

  • Assessment: Not sure what's going on but, know that you just don't feel right? Psychological testing and assessment can reveal your strengths, weaknesses, mental health needs and recommend options for optimal living. 

  • Education: Psychology education and coaching teaches you psychology research and skills that can transform your life, family, or organization.

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