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Dr. Akilah Says

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Why Dr. Akilah Says?

You remember that childhood game? Simon Says. Some adult would give commands using “Simon says” but if you weren’t listening well enough, you’d rub your head or jump up and down without the magic word – “Simon says.” Well this blog isn’t that. I’m not here to tell you what to do, although I love the game and the fond childhood memories it brings up.

This blog does however pay homage to those childhood experiences that impact us and our own psychological development. For me, it’s symbolic for the changes and growth that psychology brought to my life.

Back in those days of Simon says, I was a shy and quiet child – at least in large social settings and around most adults. Those who knew me well, however, got another side of me – the energetic, imaginative, and bossy girl who loved having fun. That shy girl who most people saw, that was me too. How could both exist in the same girl? I was anxious in large groups, around new people, and especially speaking in public. I second guessed myself and worried what others thought of me or how I might be judged. It wasn’t until I was an adult and psychologist that I realized that there was a name for what I experienced as a child. I wasn’t just shy. Perhaps, I was anxious socially.

This is what Dr. Akilah is all about. First, it’s homage to that girl that wanted nothing more than for her voice to be heard. To be able to speak out confidently and freely without worry. It’s homage to the life learn journey I embarked on way back then to get over my shyness and be able to speak freely in group settings, to be able to perform on stage, and engage confidently in public speaking. Now I am able to do all of those things. With the help of psychology, I speak freely in group settings, give public speeches, and share my work with others.

This blog gives voice to growth. It demonstrates how psychology can be used in everyday life - to help you make sense of your experiences, manage your emotions and thoughts, and make changes that ultimately enhance your wellbeing. No, it's not just boring research, statistics, and facts. It’s psychosocial science that comes alive on the page. I write about how psychology and mental health can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. If you’re looking for personal transformation – join me!

I share from both a professional and personal place so you know that psychologists are not just scientists and health care professionals. We are people too, who don’t just preach psychology principles, we live them.


Dr. Akilah

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